Playtoken - World of Gods
  • Genre : 3D RPG
  • Platform:
  • Updated : Jan 2, 2018
  • Size :
  • Current Version :2.0.0

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Game About
Best 3D God RPG Game. You can collect and train dozens of gods fighting with you. 35 gods from different culture and tales, like Hades,Hera,Lucifer,Monkey King... Hundreds of levels waiting for your challenge. A variety of arena mode including Ladder mode, Honor mode, Myth mode, bring more fun PVP. Be a king by win in king area!
Update in Latest Version
1. Optimization of one key equipment function 2. Adjustment of reward chest. 3. Leading role system 4. Mounts System 5. S-power system 6. Add World Time 7. Add King Arena 8. Add King System 9. free 2 times acceleration for level 30 10.
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