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Exhilarating 3D Real-time Multiplayer Racing Game! Crazy weapons, colorful characters with unique abilities and vibrant environment awaits!

  • Genre : Arcade
  • Platform:
  • Updated : Apr 25, 2017
  • Size :
  • Current Version :1.0.16

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Game About
Wild Run OL is a real-time 4 player racing game! Players may choose all kinds of of different tools to attack and defend against the opponents while racing to see who's the first to get to the finishing line!

1. Quick Match:
While overcoming the terrain, you may pick up tools to use to your best advantage, to hasten your progress or to impede your enemies.

2. Friend Mode:
Invite friends to race together or against others.

3. Arena:
Random match up against other players, requires Arena ticket, receive gold and Arena points when victorious.

4. Game Highlights:
- Real-time racing fun with other live players!
- Whacky tools available: blast foes with homing missiles, give them brain freeze with ice beam, and more!
- Gorgeous 3D environment, lovely character designs with customizable parts for you to mix & match!
- Unique abilities for each character, more than 10 characters to unlock!
- Level up each character's special ability to gain an advantage!
- Iconic skins to best represent yourself in Wild Run OL!
Update in Latest Version
Initial release on iOS.
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