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Puzzle Action Adventure!

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  • Updated : Feb 19, 2016
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Game About
Are you a PUZZLE Game Lover?
Are you an ACTION- RPG Game Addict?
If yes, Heroes of Puzzle Adventure is the game you are looking for!

You will be lost in a new world with epic turn-based battles. Solving puzzles and making blitz to battle against monsters, find mysterious treasures, and collect a vast myriad of exclusive items for your own heroes.
Help rebuild the Dreamworld Warlord of Puzzle, and defend it from dragons, horde of demons, goblins, werewolves, golems, the Lucifer Warlord and other legendary beasts of illuminati in chaos and blizzard age with hellbound hearts. Don't let them overwhelm you !

INTERESTING AND SIMPLE TO PLAY! Swipe to match 3 swords to battle beasts, blaze monsters and beast, match 3 identical shields to improve your hero defense ability, crush 3 identical healing salves to restore your Health Points, crush 3 identical golden coins to get more gold or 3 books to learn special skills to attack for massive damage.
It's quite simple, just match 3 to make a blitz to eliminate them. The more the merrier !

CREATE YOUR OWN HERO! Find and collect hundreds of exclusive and sacred items like claymore, shadow blade, quirky sword, dagger, ethereal blade, sacred dragon broadsword , etc... to modify heroes' clothing or improve heroes’ statistics.
There are may set items making you become a Heavenly Soldier, Ronin, Mithril Cleopatra or even a Blaze Paladin.
You can buy rare items in the Market and craft your own rare items in the Blacksmith

DANGEROUS MONSTERS: In this adventure you have to face up with many dangerous monsters, fiends and Behemoth like Night Stalkers, Bounty Hunter , Mad Alchemist and the boss Poisoned Slime

BEGIN YOUR ADVENTURE! Brave 50+ levels filled with dangerous and quirky monsters, the Lucifer and Fiend, and rare treasures as well. You should unravel and decipher all stages in this epic adventure with a score as high as possible.

- Heroes of Puzzle Adventure is a miraculous match-3 combat system with a colorful fantasy RPG that’s free to play
- Intense Heroes vs Monsters duel combat
- Unlimited rollback
- Joyous and ludicrous turn-based and rebus puzzle play that’s easy to learn, challenging to master
- Defeat legendary monsters and beasts in puzzle-combat: rare weapons, magic whirlwinds, and blaze fireballs change the puzzle when you play the game
- A vast myriad of rare items: find or craft matching epic sets for powerful bonuses, and make the extraordinary heroes
- Sophisticated graphics
- Endless HD surrealistic, stunning and vivid effects which have been made the first time
- 50+ levels of epic and fantasy quest with Fiends and monsters- the fatal archenemy, and treasures. Find as new treasures as possible to collect scarce and sacred items and extra loot from monster drops

We are sure that you guys will love this blockbuster game and be infatuated with it !
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