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Action Strategy RPG! Light, fast loading adventure awaits you!

  • Genre : Role Playing
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  • Updated : Jan 2, 2018
  • Size :88.3 MB
  • Current Version :1.00

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Game About
▶ Game Description ◀

A unique story of [Heroes League]
The only choice for Strategic RPG, Heroes League brings you great emotions.
Best Experience for action and strategy.
Excellent and various growth factors.
Many heroes & characters, created in glorious 3D graphics.
Heroes unite for the reconstruction of the Empire!

Android 6.0 (Launch App Solution)

1.To enter the application manager.
2. Click the Heroes League app.
3. Please allow the permissions of the app.
This will be used. (Android 6.0 required features)

▶Game Event◀

1. VIP benefits and many item rewards will be given to all Heroes League users who reach certain team levels.
2. Free VIP level upgrade when you reach team level 30, 50, and 60!
3. Receive bonus item rewards based on the total number of Elite Dungeons cleared during the event period.
4. By logging in, you receive Crystals and Soulstones everyday. For every 3rd and 7th day, you also receive a heroes!

▶Game Features ◀

1. Prepared collecting, strategy RPG!
A variety of characters, you can feel the exhilarating fun of clearing a variety of diverse skills and abilities, and the story is full of dungeons. League Heroes is a side-scrolling RPG that anyone can easily enjoy.

2. Real 3D graphics!
Heroes League has spectacular action and effects produced in real 3D graphics in the battle; enjoy the explosive visuals!

3. Exciting hero growth elements !
Collect items and content through multiple level up skills and equipment, you can enhance the hero. Heroes League offers a variety of quests and numerous events, like a gift to vanquish boredom.

4. PVP system to induce competition!
Compete with friends and other users with various settings of the hero raised himself, battle each other's abilities in the arena. Show how strong the characters from Heroes League can become!

5. Endless Fun Game!
Customize your Heroes, battle other Heroes, explore Dungeons, fight in PvP battles, expand your Collection, Variety Monsters, and more!
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