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An extremely demanding strategy RPG with tons of exciting activities

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  • Updated : Oct 28, 2016
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Game About
Endless Evolution: The Gold Legend is an extremely demanding strategy RPG with tons of exciting activities.

An anime-themed mobile game, Endless Evolution features hundreds of distinctive heroes, each with their own unique fate and attributes. Players are able to mix and match diverse lineups to challenge enemies.

Dynamic Relationships, Easy Automated Fight Sequences
Creating a powerful lineup of heroes in your team is no simple matter however; the characters in Endless Evolution have dynamic relationships. Some characters will work well together while others will not get along. A lot of consideration is required in order to form the ultimate team – a team of all-powerful heroes does not ensure success if they do not have good synergy with each other.

Auto-battle system allows users to focus on the strategy behind collecting and forming the most effective team. This cuts down on the need to micro-manage your team during fights, enabling you to zero-in on building the best team.

Join the Battle Today
Experience epic battles and enjoy super benefits and events – from gift packages, to leveling up contests and double EXP events. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.

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