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Have you ever felt what it’s like, having powers normally beyond your control; I know I did when I was class monitor. But have you ever seen heroes of various myth and legend join forces, combining their powers in unimaginable ways?

  • Genre : Strategy
  • Platform:
  • Updated : Sep 9, 2016
  • Size :29M
  • Current Version :3.8
  • Content Rating :Everyone

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Game About
Have you ever seen heroes of various myth and legend join forces, combining their powers in unimaginable ways?
Imagine, Thor and Hercules side by side smashing the forces of Hell together!

Hades and Zeus, unleashing their devastating powers on anyone who stands in their way.

Or what about a God of War, taking on another God of War? Guan yu versus Ares!

It is now all possible, right here, right now! Play as both Heaven and Hell and a myriad of mighty heroes will be at your fingertips. Embark on a journey to resolve the conflict plaguing the world of EndGods.

The dual single player campaign modes lead you into purposeful action; who will you fight for? How will you achieve victory after victory? There is no clear answer, the only way is to try!

**Over 60+ HEROES!
As you gain experience and level up, heroes will be unlocked to aid your cause, further increasing your tactical choices and strategies.

Engage in fierce player versus player combat, where the fear of losing courses through the back of every player’s mind. This is where risk and reward thrives! Those who have the courage to pit themselves against others and risk defeat will reap great fortune.

Wage battle in increasingly beautiful and dangerous levels with different layouts. Adapt or lose.

The unique abilities of your forces and tactical choices you make will shock and surprise your foes, counter them with jaw dropping combos that will render them helpless before you!

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Improving the core game play experience and adding new content is always in the works. The world of EndGods is ever expanding! Witness the story unfold as we introduce more lore through our updates.

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Endgods comes with a PC version too.
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- bug fixes
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