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Senator Manny Pacquiao Acquires a Stake in GTOKEN

The First and Only World Champion Boxer in eight different weight divisions and recently elected Philippines Senator supports GTOKEN in the mobile games publishing advertising space.

SINGAPORE -­‐ 6 June 2016 – GTOKEN, the world's first crowdsourced mobile games publisher and advertising platform, has announced that the first and only World Champion Boxer in eight different weight divisions and Philippines Senator, Manny Pacquiao, has acquired a meaningful stake in its company.

From left to right: Archie Teo, Eldee Tang, Kenneth Mark Yong, Senator Manny Pacquiao, Ivan Lee and Arnold Vegafria

With over a million users to date across Southeast Asia, Taiwan and China, GTOKEN has rapidly grown throughout Asia and is currently valued at an estimated US$60 million.

“Since our launch in Singapore in December 2014, GTOKEN has garnered strong partnerships and support from the booming mobile gaming community across the region,” Kenneth Mark Yong, CEO of GTOKEN said.

“We are especially honored to have Senator Manny Pacquiao believing and investing in our vision to build the fastest growing crowdsourcing community for gamers, developers and publishers alike.”

“As a world champion in professional sports and a fighter all my life, I know what it takes to succeed on the global scale,” says Senator Manny Pacquiao. “I’m confident that GTOKEN has that special fighting spirit to be one of the strongest global players in the mobile gaming and advertising space and I’m proud to be part of the team.”

GTOKEN’s founding investors include Mr Ivan Lee, a serial entrepreneur whose previous F&B company was acquired for approximately $100 million SGD. Mr Ivan is also the founder of Raging Bull, a private investment fund focused on tech. Another early investor, Mr Eldee Tang, played a key role in the success of this deal.

About Senator Manny Pacquiao

Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao, is a Filipino politician and world champion professional boxer. He is one of the greatest boxers of all time as he is the first and only eight-­‐division world champion in which he has won ten world titles, as well as the first to win the lineal championship in five different weight classes.

BoBoiBoy joins GToken’s Playground!

GToken is pleased to announce that on 16 May 2016 a new series of games: BoBoiBoy by 8Elements was added on its Playground!

BoBoiBoy is an animated series produced by Aimonsta Studios featuring a boy who use his superpowers to save the Earth from alien threats together with his friends, Ying, Hannah, Gopal and Fang.

Having foreseen a great potential in South East Asia, GToken with a huge number of followers is pleased to bring this game its over 100,000 PlayToken members in South East Asia and Greater China.

GToken and 8Elements are grateful for the assist of Game Centre Solutions (GSC) to organize the initial meet up resulted in a rewarding partnership estimated to be worth USD 2 million.

8elements - a privately owned company headquartered in Hong Kong - is a leading Asian mobile games publisher specialized in localized products and services for gamers in Southeast Asia and Australia/NZL.

BoBoiBoy joins GToken’s Playground!


BoBoiBoy是由Aimonsta Studios所研发的动画系列,当中描绘一个男孩拥有超能力连同他的朋友,Ying,Hannah, Gopal and Fang一起来对抗外来威胁,拯救地球。


GToken 和 8Elements 很感谢 Game Centre Solutions (GSC) 安排的初次聚会达成了估计价值200万美元的合作。

8elements - 一家私營公司,總部設在香港 - 是一家專業從事於東南亞和澳大利亞/ NZL玩家本地化的產品和服務的領先亞洲移動遊戲發行商。



發表上述言論、資訊之人並非GTOKEN公司之負責人,也不是GTOKEN公司的合作廠商或股東,上述言論、資訊既不實在,任何人均不應亦不宜向智冠科技股份有限公司詢問或洽商其真實性,智冠科技股份有限公司亦不須就上述不實在的言論、資訊負有任何履行責任。任何人就有關GTOKEN公司或PLAYTOKEN所提供服務之任何問題,請直接到下列網址的服務支援網頁或發電郵至下列電子信箱[email protected]詢問。




This is an official notice from GTOKEN to clarify the following:

"PLAY TOKEN and MYCARD points can be mutually redeemed/exchanged with the ratio of 1:1", "Both MYCARD and PLAYTOKEN members can use both platforms to play games and there will also be 10BV on PLAYTOKEN platform" & "PLAYTOKEN will promote the new games at the same time as when MYCARD is promoting the new games".

The above information statements circulated online by miscellaneous blogs and websites are all INACCURATE. The content creator(s) do not represent GTOKEN nor our cooperation partners. Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) should not be questioned or bothered by any third party, nor should Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) be held liable for any unsubstantiated claims of service terms. Any questions regarding GTOKEN, PLAYTOKEN services and cooperation terms should be directed to our support[] or email [[email protected]].

Unless the statement is officially released by GTOKEN, otherwise information circulated online should not be regarded or interpreted as true.

Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) should not be implicated by GTOKEN's external cooperation and should be indemnified from any misunderstanding that may arise.

GTOKEN would like to state that it's operations and cooperation are in compliance with Taiwan's legal regulations. We are committed to constantly reinforce our security measures/sensitive information archiving process to prevent breaches and leaks of sensitive information to be misappropriated and misused by unlawful entities. We would like to thank Soft-World Intl. Corp. (智冠科技股份有限公司) for pointing out the misappropriated data and falsified content posted online.

EndGods Takes On Big Boys In Gaming

Everyone knows Mr. Lee and his reputation for the success of his F&B venture by setting up the first Thai Express in Holland Village in 2002 and, just six years later, in 2008, sold 70 per cent of his share in the chain for $80 million.

Now, following the overwhelming triumph, Thai Express founder and Gtoken chairman Ivan Lee is setting his sights on a whole new arena – mobile gaming. Alongside with director Randy Prabowo and development manager Tan Eng Khoon, he founded mobile game studio SparkJumpers.

However, why gaming field?

Obviously the market for mobile games has been steadily growing. “In a country like Singapore, mobile phones start to become a part of you, almost like an extension of your hand, whereas we’re not at our PCs all the time”, he said, noting the potential he sees in the ubiquity of handheld devices, and with personal interest as he grew up on a steady diet of video games.

When the trio began developing a mobile game, Ivan Lee said with passion that he wanted it to be “easy to pick up, but difficult to master”. Mobile games may suck up a lot of time yet it is worth playing as long as it’s depth, moreover, not another pay-to-win game – he makes his point. Furthermore, the competitive aspect of the game is paramount factor to him.

In November last year, they organized the first EndGods – a strategic brawler, where two players deploy combinations of characters over different lanes to conquer opposing forces.- competition, which had a $30,000 prize pool, and the top prize of $10,000 was won by competitive Dota 2 player Wong “NutZ” Jeng Yih. Additionally, the company has continue their growth by launching another competition for this game called League of Gods with $100,000 prize pool, and the finals will be held in May this year at Suntec City. This time, they will push the strategic limits of the game by engaging top players from other games, Singaporean professional League of Legends player Wong “Chawy” Xing Lei will be taking part in the League of Gods tournament.

Although Engods may not yet be a household name, Mr. Lee is certain that he will make change in time to come. “When you mention Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike, you will mention Endgods alongside”.

Original source: Lisabel Ting, “Entrepreneur eyes mobile game changers”. Straitstime newspaper.
Jan 13, 2016, 5:00 AM SGT