Farming riches

Farming riches fun starts with the player having a small farm. it's here, You can enjoy lazy leisure time; Enjoy happy farm life with small animals You can also make delicious foods from natural ingredients produced on your own farm. You can also buy and sell fresh, healthy farm products at the roadside shop; Bring friends to play and trade together! Game Features * Expand your farm, personalized layout * Trade crops and fresh produce with your neighbors through your roadside shop * Use rabbits or ships to complete orders * Build a community to participate in community competitions with friends

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Wild Run

Plenty of strategies Individuality Costume show Many characters Live racing Multiplayer-fun, let's race!

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Uncle Joe coming

He came from the market and rose up on the Internet. He was willing to help others without asking for a reward. He loved to sow but never harvested. He is a friend of women love and hate. He lives next door but has no number. He is Lao Wang. ! Is a casual 2D parkour game, players play in the game Pharaoh shuttle across a variety of different maps, picking up different beauty, escape the pursuit of the deceased, to achieve sexual blessing. Hey, come on blood for 3 years, no loss! ! !

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Battle Spheres

Travel the world!

Defeat your opponents!

Collect legendary “Battle Spheres” and assemble the greatest Arena team that the world has ever seen!

Easy to Play

Battle Spheres features simple but addictive game play. Slingshot your Battle Spheres into your enemies -OR- even each other to activate awesome skills and spells!

Develop cunning strategies and position your team to escape the enemies most devastating attacks! Bust through the challenging levels and arenas that await you with your aim and skill, and treasures and glory await you!

EXPLOSIVE Real-time Multiplayer Gameplay!

Not powerful enough to clear a stage on your own? Feel the need to flaunt that newly evolved five star hero that you just got with your friends? Just bored on a night out and feel like playing a game with your friends? Then Battle Sphere’s real-time Co-operative multi-player action missions are just for you!

Plow through more challenging opponents and bosses with your trusted friends by your side and better treasures await you at the end of the battle!

Summon, Capture and Evolve a Plethora of Unique Characters!

Capture, fuse and upgrade a plethora of epic Battle Spheres and build yourself the team to beat all teams! Face challenges big and small and strive to be a master of your realm, accompanied at all times by your unique team of Battle Spheres!

Master the 5 elements and use them to your advantage when you are in the arena!

An Uncovered World to Explore!

Keep an eye out for constant updates in game! There will be new dungeons and quests to undertake with new and exciting tactical challenges... and of course, as we discover the world of Spherea together, we'll also uncover many ancient, mythical BATTLE SPHERES!

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The "Little Battle" subtly combines traditional Chinese culture - folktales with the hottest gameplay nowadays to create an indie game that is both love and fun. The game is based on telling a story about love and adventure. At the same time, the player needs to use competitive strategies to use the weapons, obstacles, and bunkers provided by the game to cleverly break the opponents' attacks and obstacles in the scene. Difficulty and danger. In order to better allow players to use the fragmentation time, the game duration is set to 1-2 minutes. The map is medium in scale, with obstacles and bunkers randomly distributed in the map, and with simple rules, against the fierce arena, allowing players to get a more direct and concise game experience. The attack method of the game is very simple and the operation is very simple. The left controls the movement and direction of the character, the right control strength and the attack distance; the simple operation and reasonable layout make the player experience smoother and more natural. 2 game features The adorable and cute character image Simple, easy to learn operation, joyful fighting rhythm Single-game growth, stress-free game

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